Rombouts Malongo is over 110 years old Belgian French Family Corporation. It has time and time again received awards for its products and is famous all over Europe. It is also a pioneer in Fairtrade Coffee business and exercised a fair business with its farmers long before it was formerly made policy.

Fair trade means that the farmers get a fair price for their products and no child labour is allowed. 75% of all fair trade coffee in the world is organic. The wrapping is also organic and deteriorate in the environment and therefore they don’t pollute.

The Rombouts Malongo coffee is used in the European courts. The Belgian court has been a loyal customer since 1966 and the Élysée Palace in France has been a loyal customer since 1995. Rombouts has also received the Royal Belgian seal for its emphasis on fair business ethics in the coffee business.

The Hilton Hotels and other famous hotels on the French Riviera use the Rombouts Malongo coffee. The famous Café de Paris in Monaco uses over 500,000 pods a year and it is also used by the stars on Saint Tropez and other first-class restaurants and coffee houses all over the world.

The difference between this coffee and other coffee, apart from the flavour, is that you can make professional coffee drinks in your own kitchen in approximately 2 minutes. No trouble, noise or mess and it always tastes like it comes from the coffee Master of a high class restaurant.

Quick- silent- neat.
The machine and the pods are a price design. No noise, no cleaning, no problem. It is so easy and quick to make one’s favourite coffee or tea. You quickly get used to have such easy access to this every day luxury. Cappuccino at noon and coffee latte after dinner or a price evening coffee are drinks that can be made very quickly, and thereby more often made.

The best quality and taste.
The coffee in the pod is in fact a serving straight from a coffee master, already made for you. The coffee is made with passion and handled delicately from the crop to the cup. 100 years’ experience supported by modern technology, handpicked beans, slow roasting, vacuumed wrapping along with approximately 120 procedures ensures you top quality and unique taste. Because of the way this coffee is grown, roasted, handled, wrapped and made, the outcome is specially tasteful and wholesome coffee. Without bitter aftertaste or other unhealthy by-products.

There is nothing added or fake in this coffee. Only pure ingredients, passion for coffee making, unique handling, inventiveness and modern technology.

The distributor for the coffee and the coffee machines is Zinzino. The coffee products are distributed through network marketing sales partners.

It’s a pleasure to serve such classy refreshments even spontaneously. When you have guests you don’t ask if they want coffee but what kind of coffee they want. Then you serve them classy coffee drinks like they would have in a first-class coffee house. The only difference is that this costs much less.


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